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Château de Pourcieux
A.O.C. Côtes de Provence - Sainte Victoire

lies between two imposing mountain ranges, the Mount Sainte-Victoire and
the Monts Aureliens, our vineyard is blest by its soil and climate; since earliest
times it has proved to be an earth naturally endowed for the cultivation of the vine.

This explains the rich variety which flourish in the perfect setting of gentle,
sunny slopes that harbor a gravelly clay-limestone soil.
Its privileged geographical location (proximity of Aix-en-Provence, the Mount Sainte-Victoire,
Saint-Maximin with its basilica and royal convent, the Sainte Baume, the Nans les Pins golf course etc…)
attracts many passing visitors… and clients !

Do not hesitate to stop by.
We are always pleased to welcome visitors,
talk about our wines, and invite them to sample !

GPS coordinates :
43 28' 8" N
5° 47' 15" E

Côtes de Provence - Sainte-Victoire
F 83470 Pourcieux France
tél. +33 494 597 890
fax +33 494 593 246
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